WASD inks agreement with WellSpan


WAYNESBORO—Waynesboro Area School District board members recently approved an agreement with WellSpan Health for student service.

All services would require parental consent prior to service.

The revised agreement, which can be found at www.wasd.k12.pa.us contains the following:

“AGREEMENT BETWEEN WAYNESBORO AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT AND WELLSPAN The Waynesboro Area School District agrees to contract with WellSpan Health for itself and on behalf of its subsidiaries and affiliates, including WellSpan Medical Group, the provision of medical consultant services for the 2021-2022 school year as prescribed by Pennsylvania law. This agreement is based on the following terms and conditions.

1. Nothing in this agreement that concerns students will be done without parental consent. This agreement shall be in effect from July 1 2021 – June 30, 2022.

2. WellSpan will function as an independent consultant contractor for the Waynesboro Area School District. Neither WellSpan nor their employees shall be considered to be employees of the District.

3. WellSpan warrants that its physicians provided to provide the services pursuant to this Agreement are properly licensed to practice medicine in Pennsylvania and WellSpan warrants that its physicians will maintain his or her licensure status as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. WellSpan further warrants that she shall maintain knowledge of current trends and legislation in the area of School Health.

4. Pursuant to this agreement, WellSpan shall perform grade level examinations (Kindergarten, 6th grade, 11th grade), as mandated by the Public School Code and School Health Regulations for students unable to obtain services from a family physician within the school district designated time frame with parent consent. Immunizations and other medical testing are the responsibility of the parent.

5. WellSpan shall also act as a consultant to the District’s school administration and staff on matters pertaining to the school health program; assist in the development of school district health policies and procedures, review and sign off as medical source on IEPs for Medical Assistance billing; provide specialist referrals for athletic injuries that are received in the course of school sports activities; act as a consultant for coaches/trainers regarding conditioning, weight training, sports injuries, and rehabilitation; perform recertification physical examinations for school athletes as requested; and provide onsite medical coverage for home varsity football games as the District’s sports physician to provide emergency medical care as necessary. (The District will provide a family pass for WellSpan to attend these events.)

6. WellSpan shall also perform physical examination for Special Olympic participants.

7. WellSpan shall be compensated for the 2021-2022 school year in the total amount of $9,500, which shall be paid in four equal payments on a quarterly basis.

8. To the extent that WellSpan may subcontract out their stated duties to other providers who shall cover for them on occasion when they are not personally available, WellSpan shall make that known to the District in advance, identifying the providers who shall provide services on their behalf. WellSpan further expressly warrants that any providers performing any services pursuant to this agreement on their behalf shall perform said services in accordance with the terms of the agreement, shall provide the services outlined in the agreement as agreed, and shall meet all applicable requirements and qualifications stated in the agreement. To the extent that WellSpan subcontracts out their stated duties to other providers who shall cover for them on occasion when they are not personally available, WellSpan further agrees that they shall be solely responsible and liable for any costs or fees charged by such providers for services provided under this agreement and shall defend, indemnify and hold the District harmless from such costs or fees. The District shall not be liable for any costs or fees in excess of the compensation agreed upon herein.”

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