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Where do you get accurate “local news” from the immediate area?  

  • Television and cable? Not unless there is a major local tragedy.

  • Local newspapers? We can all agree they don’t cover local stories anymore even as they keep the banners of all our old local papers.

  • Social Media?  Fast observations and a lot of speculation.  They have a role and a place, but are they accurate? Would you base life decisions on these sources?

Local-area residents formed to provide you vetted, accurate and timely information from our immediate area.  For $4.99 a month, gives you: 

  • Real, verified news from communities in SE Franklin & NE Washington Counties.

  • Stories about businesses, non-profits, the schools and school sports, churches, clubs,  municipalities . . . everything local, five days a week.

  • Business advertising and classified ads to share what you are selling, and buy what is locally available.

  • One place to go for everything local, organized so you can navigate to all our stories.

If you’re looking for accurate, reliable news from in and around SE Franklin & NE Washington Counties, join us.

Just $4.99 / month
First Month 99¢

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