About Us

Local.News brings you real, verified news from Waynesboro and Mont Alto, Washington and Quincy Townships, South Mountain and the surrounding area.  We cover stories about businesses, non-profits, the schools and school sports, churches, clubs, municipalities . . . everything local. 

But we are not just another media company.

Local.News was founded by a group of Waynesboro-area residents who saw a need for trusted, vetted news in their community. They got together and invested their time and money into creating a platform for distributing community happenings. They recruited a very small, experienced community-minded staff focused on providing not only the news you need to know, but also the GOOD NEWS from around the region.

We are the one place you can go to get vetted, accurate and timely news all in one place.  Though we have a social media presence, we are not social media. 

Here’s some of what you will find:

    • WASD news

    • Township and Borough government news

    • WASHS sports coverage

    • Business news

    • Community features and profiles

    • Stories on good people doing great things

    • Events/entertainment

    • Special weekly columns

To get this kind of content, Local.News relies on an ever growing network of people who let us know what to share with the community.  Tell us what your business or church group or Boy Scout troop is planning.  Tell us your league standings and baseball, football, soccer, swimming, golf and other results.  We’ll share all that with the broader community at no cost to you. 

New business, or old business with new products or promotions?  Hiring, or selling off inventory, looking for something or just getting rid of that old mower or car?  We have competitive advertising and classified rates.   

Here’s what you won’t find:

    • Mugshots and petty crimes

    • Scanner/police monitor reports

    • Political opinions

For less than the cost of one latte each month, you can help keep your community informed and entertained.

For less than the cost of the best IPA each month, you can help showcase the talents of kids in your community.

Try us. Let us know what you care about, and we’ll share what’s happening in your town! 

If you’re looking for accurate, reliable news from in and around the Waynesboro / Mont Alto and surrounding areas, join us. 

Our Team

We’ve assembled a team of experienced editors and writers to collect, assemble and present news that is relevant to you here in our community.  Our staff includes:

Andrea Ciccocioppo Rose
managing editor

Andrea is an award-winning journalist with more than 30 years of experience writing for publications across Pennsylvania and the nation. After building her career in the Harrisburg area working at TV HOST Magazine, The Patriot-News, The Carlisle Sentinel and Central Penn Parent magazine, Andrea returned to her native Franklin County in 2016, when she was named assistant editor/lead reporter for The Record Herald. She has won multiple Keystone Press Awards and is author of “The Snarky Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer.”

Lee Goodwin

Lee has been covering sports for more than a decade, most recently with The Record Herald. He believes “the most important part of writing is the people you write about. It’s not about the game, the match, the meet. It will always be about the athletes, coaches and administrators who strive to maintain the integrity of the sport. As a writer, I am there to chronicle the achievements and challenges athletes and coaches face. I am, in some respects, invisible–read but not known. At the end of the day, I am doing my job, observing from a distance, and writing about what I have seen and heard.”

We are serious about providing our local community the local news that you need to be well informed about all that is going on all around you.  If this sounds like news you’d like to see on a regular basis, click the link below and subscribe to Local.News.

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