Greencastle Prepares for Festive Tree Lighting Ceremony


GREENCASTLE – The spirit of the holidays will descend upon Greencastle as the community gathers for its annual Heritage Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on Friday, Nov. 17. The event, scheduled for 7 p.m. in the heart of the town square, promises an evening of enchanting illumination, heartwarming melodies, and a delightful celebration of the season.

As dusk settles, the square will transform into a winter wonderland, with the towering Christmas tree adorned in twinkling lights. The air will fill with the joyful sounds of carols performed by the Greencastle-Antrim High School Band and Chorus, their voices echoing through the festive atmosphere.

In a moment of pure enchantment, the community will join in ringing bells as the tree lighting ceremony commences. The twinkling lights will cascade over the tree, illuminating the square with a magical glow, officially marking the start of the holiday season in Greencastle.

The Heritage Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is a beloved tradition that brings together families, friends, and neighbors to embrace the spirit of the holidays. It is a time to cherish the warmth of community, the joy of giving, and the anticipation of the festive season ahead.

So, gather your loved ones, grab your scarves and mittens, and head to the Greencastle town square on Nov. 17, for an unforgettable evening of holiday cheer. Let the twinkling lights, the melodious carols, and the spirit of community fill your hearts with the magic of the season.

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