AHS Featured Pet of the Week

AHS Featured Pet of the Week: Cupcake

WAYNESBORO–The Antietam Humane Society offers cats, dogs and a variety of animals up for adoption to loving homes. For more information on providing a forever home, visit the shelter at 8513 Lyons Road, visit their website or call them at 717-762-9091.

Meet Cupcake.

“This two-year old cutie was transferred to us from another shelter and is still on the hunt for her forever home!

While she is very excitable and loveable with staff and volunteers she is familiar with, Cupcake can be shy when first meeting people.

Cupcake would prefer a calmer home where she can get comfortable at her own pace. Butt scratches and squeaky toys are the way to this girl’s heart! Once she has started warming up to you, Cupcake wants nothing more than to curl up next to you or in your lap for even more pets and love.

She loves being outside and especially enjoys going for walks! Occasionally, she will get startled by a new sight or sound but with gentle encouragement and treats will continue right along. When not on her walks Cupcake loves sniffing and running around the shelter’s yard and playing with toys!

Cupcake has done well in play groups with other calm, respectful dogs. She is not a big fan of overly energetic dogs that want to play and prefers a doggy pal that will walk around and sniff with her. When cat-tested Cupcake was almost fearful of our office cats and did not want to interact with them. We think she would be fine in a home with a feline friend as long as she would be introduced slowly! Loud children tend to scare Cupcake and she would do best in a home with quieter children or in an adult-only household.

Cupcake is an absolute sweetheart and we know that in the right home she will be able to let her personality blossom and shine! If you are interested in meeting Cupcake, stop by the shelter and visit with her today!”

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