Franklin County Council of Governments Meeting Agenda


CHAMBERSBURG- The Franklin County Council of Governments is scheduled to convene for their regular meeting on Thursday, May 16 at 8:45 a.m. The meeting will take place in the Commissioners Board Room of the Franklin County Administrative Building located at 272 North Second Street in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. All members and public attendees are requested to review the following agenda items in preparation for an engaged and productive session.

1. Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance, and Moment of Silence

2. Approve Meeting Minutes of February 15, 2024

3. Public Comment

4. Committee Reports

§ Finance- Fred Young

§ UCC-Building Code – Clem Malot

§ CJAB update – Vernon Ashway

§ Representatives update – as available.

5. Franklin County Update – Steve Thomas, FC Director of Planning

6. Discussions:

· Chris Ardinger, Administrator and Roadmaster, Antrim Township. – “Food Processing Residuals (FPR)”

· Commissioner Ziobrowski – “Reassessment Q&A”

7. Old Business

8. New Business

· 2025 COG Leadership

9. Consider other items not on Agenda

10. Adjourn

Agenda for Meeting of February 15 – 8:45 AM

In attendance: Zak Long, Dean Horst, Steve Thomas, Quentin Clapper, Matthew Romero, Alan Piper, Sam Cressler, Clem Malot, Chad Reichard, Travis Brookens, Bill Everly. Fred Upimg

1. Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance, and Moment of Silence – Chad Reichard welcomes the group and thanks everyone for attending.

2. Approve Meeting Minutes of previous meetings – Motion to approve minutes made by Alan Piper, seconded by Travis Brookens.

3. Public Comment – None

4. Election of Officers

a. Chair – Alan Piper nominates Chad reichard for Chair, Bill Everly seconded.

b. Vice Chair – Fred Young nominates Sam Cressler for Vice Chair, – Travis Brookens seconded.

c. Secretary – Fred Young nominated FCPD staff, Alan Piper seconded.

d. Treasurer – Bill Everly nominates Fred Young, Alan Piper seconded.

5. Committee Reports

▪ Joint Purchasing/Disposal – Change to ad hoc

▪ Finance- Fred Young gives his finance report. Balance as of Nov 2023 was 1,157.05. Expenses $600 and $90. Both checks for insurance, $600 charge getting refunded due to canceling insurance. Ending balance Dec 29 is 467.05. Ending balance as of last month is still $467.05. $600 refund from insurance company getting deposited back. Alan Piper motions to approve the report, Sam Cressler seconded.

▪ UCC-Building Code – Clem Malot gave the UCC update. Penn state university hosting a housing and land development conference. Info on website.

▪ CJAB update and COG Appointment – Vernon Ashway – none

▪ Representatives update – Fetterman’s office – More than happy to write letters of support for federal grants.

▪ Joyce office – Congressman Joyce sponsor of stronger American workforce act that upgrades American worker skills to fill jobs in critical industries. Meeting with local gov officials across the district.

▪ Schemel – PA house of rep has ceiling repaired. Any municipalities that are applying for grants please contact senator Mastriano’s office. update on things coming down the barrel – Big push for recreational marijuana. Schemel opposes it. Needle exchanges are also coming.

▪ Lisa Helm – Mastriano’s interested in doing grants workshops for County and Municipal officials/employees. If you’re interested you can get in contact with Lisa and she can add you to the list. New school facility improvement program grant opening soon.

▪ Rob Kauffman’s office – No update

▪ Dean Horst – Commissioner Chairman Dean Horst thanks everyone for attending.

6. Franklin County Update – Steve Thomas, FC Director of Planning – Steve gives an update on our new staff and the CVRT connection.

7. Discussions:

Juan Salas (JC), Director of Operations, Your Quality Solutions, Inc. – “MS4 and Stormwater Treatment Solutions” JC from YQS – Company works to reduce pollution that enters bodies of water and mitigates pollution in construction areas. They brought an inlet filter and remote controlled camera cars to show off the tools they use. The cameras can scan the pipes and see if there is any damage or cracks and will provide a full detailed report to you.

8. Old Business – Alan Piper asks for an update on if we lost an MDJ and shifted the MDJ districts around. The state supreme court placed that under review, and it is still under review. There has not been a decision made yet.

9. New Business – Chad states he went to Antrim township for a meeting on safe drinking water. Food processing companies are spreading FPR’s (food processing residuals) on farms and it is affecting drinking wells. Fred Young speaks on this issue. There were 3 wells that became contaminated in Antrim. The water became undrinkable and unusable overnight. After investigation, it was found that there was a spill on a farm nearby that leaked into a water aquifer. Food processing companies will pay farmers to spread this on their farms to get rid of it. It has been over 2 years now that this has happened and there is still no regulation on this. Antrim supervisors will be writing an ordinance to regulate this and will gladly share the ordinance with other municipalities.

10. Consider other items not on Agenda – Tuscarora truth warriors citizens association – What goes on in the Tuscarora district.

Property tax reassessment – Alan Piper spoke at the commissioner meeting recently and asked the commissioners to be very cautious, professional and transparent on this issue.

Security in county buildings – Alan Piper says there needs to be oversight on the county buildings security and the procedures they follow. Chad says he will reach out to the sheriff and invite him to our next meeting.

Fred Young – Suggests inviting local tax collectors when the commissioners are speaking with the public on the topic of reassessment.

11. Adjourn – Motion to adjourn made by Fred Young, seconded by Travis Brookens.

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