Colds, flu, COVID creeping around the county


Feeling under the weather? You’re not alone.

If you head to a local urgent care, you may discover wait times longer than normal.

So what’s going around?

WellSpan Urgent Care locations across the region have been seeing a surge in cases of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), mostly in children, but also in a few adults as well.

“We have had just a few influenza cases as well as the season just gets started,” said Creston Tate, medical director at WellSpan Urgent Care. “With the increase in viral illnesses we are also seeing asthma exacerbations more than prior months for certain patients.”

Tate said COVID-19 cases are still being diagnosed but are, by and large, uncomplicated upper respiratory infections with very little severity.

With this just being the beginning of a cooler season, Tate said now is the time to think ahead to winter.

“This is a good reminder to make sure you are up to date on your flu vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines or boosters,” he said.

Both are available at WellSpan locations and by making an appointment through the MyWellSpan app. 

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