Rotary Club of Waynesboro news


WAYNESBORO- The Rotary Club of Waynesboro submitted the following club news:

Last Week’s Program (11.14.23 bulletin)

Matthew Null of Roxbury Treatment Center spoke to the club about addiction. He noted there are two types of addicts. The first one is an individual trying to find new experiences. The second type is an individual attempting to escape some sort of feelings.

He also noted there are generally 3 avenues to addiction. The First Avenue are people who have an allergy to the substance. Their bodies process the chemicals differently and those processes may develop chemicals which cause pleasure and create the need for more of these chemicals. The Second Avenue  involves intensity and frequency of use – the more you use the more you end up needing. And Third Avenue involves the need for individuals to escape bad feelings, or as Matthew calls them “Yucky Times” people  medicate themselves to feel better. More at

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