Rotary Club of Waynesboro News


WAYNESBORO- The Rotary Club of Waynesboro submitted the following club news:

Jeff Hockenberry gave a detailed presentation on leadership. He is a partner at Hockenberry Management Consulting, which is a business consulting firm that improves the bottom line for businesses. They do this by helping businesses find the root causes for their problems, identify missed opportunities and ascertain solutions. He began by defining the term “leadership” as “influencing other people to get things done.”

He went on to lead a discussion on what makes a good leader. Good leaders influence others to do things, make good decisions, think positively, and influence their values. The group collectively came up with a list of characteristics for good leaders which included the following: visionary, have integrity, good communicator, engender trust and respect, consistent, compassionate, understanding, experienced, relatable, and have a passion for the endeavor they’re undertaking.

Finally, Mr. Hockenberry reminded us that leadership is situational. One’s leadership style must align with the culture and plan for the organization being led. The leadership style of a coach of a youth baseball team will necessarily differ from that of a colonel on the battlefield.

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