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WAYNESBORO- The Rotary Club of Waynesboro submitted the following club news:

Last Week’s Program (from 10.17.23 bulletin)

Joe Baginski author of ”Vietnam Redemption…Full Circle”. A pilot during the war, he was shot down three times…without incurring any major injuries. Except one which surfaced decades later. Joe suffered a severe bout of PTSD while on a mission trip to Vietnam. Seeing the countryside, the people, enduring the climate apparently summoned to the surface all the hidden demons of PTSD. He took a second trip a few years later and began a healing process after meeting Vietnamese veterans who also were suffering  from PTSD.  It prompted Bill to write the book (available on Amazon). Bill also became involved in the Hope to Walk program which provides affordable, low-tech prosthetics to third world countries. Our own Dr. Bui is involved, and the Club is investigating an international initiative through Rotary International … more on that upcoming.  

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