Hamberger Announces Candidacy for Waynesboro School Board


WAYNESBORO- Lloyd Hamberger has announced his candidacy as one of the Borough of Waynesboro’s representatives on The Waynesboro Area School District’s Board of Directors.

Hamberger, a Republican, was born in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, graduated from Lock Haven State College in 1971 with a BS in Education and Social Science and received his master’s degree in Public Administration from The Main Campus of the Pennsylvania State University in 1974.

He and his wife, Cathy, moved to Waynesboro in November 1980 following his appointment as Waynesboro’s Borough Manager. He served in that position for 34 years, retiring in 2015. He and Cathy live on Vista Court. His son, Christopher, is a music educator in Romney West Virginia.

“When I retired, people asked me if I was returning to Jersey Shore, but I told them Waynesboro was my home and could not think of a better place to live and raise a family,” Hamburger said.

Hamberger said he has always placed an emphasis on education.

“My father always insisted I would be going to college, no questions asked,” he said.

Per his father’s guidance, he became first of the local Hamberger family to graduate from college.

“I firmly believe the education of our youth and ongoing education of the citizenry is one of the single most important responsibilities of a society,” he said. “Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best dividend.’ I agree with Franklin. We must ensure the youth receive the knowledge and skills to face this highly competitive world and the challenges ahead. In addition, all students need a thorough understanding of the history of our Country and must understand the basics of our Constitutional form of government. This will equip them to assume the critical personal responsibilities that accompany living in this great country. That education, however, must be provided in a cost-effective and affordable way.”

Hamburger said he is well-qualified to take a seat on the school board. “With my years of government experience, and knowledge of public process budgeting, I shall strive to help formulate policies to achieve these goals,” he said. “My management motto, learned after years of experience is hire good people, set the guidance and get out of the way. “

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