QUICK BITES: Nikki’s Ramen

Nikki's Ramen is located at 22 W. Main St., Waynesboro. DOUG HARMON/LOCAL.NEWS

We tried Nikki’s Ramen for a late dinner last weekend. They are located at 22 W. Main St., downtown Waynesboro, or on the web at http://www.nikkisramen.com

The dining room is small, intimate and comfortable. We took a look at their website before we arrived to determine which ramen and appetizer we would enjoy the most.

For appetizer, we chose the cheese and corn sticks, which are—who won’t love this?—deep-fried cream cheese, sweet corn, bell pepper and topped with a sweet chili sauce on a bed of green and purple cabbage. OMG, so, so good! 

There were three of us, so we each chose a ramen of our choice: Chicken Raman (chicken broth, marinated chicken, seasoned egg and green onion), Avocado & Corn Ramen (creamy avocado and corn stock, chopped avocado and sweet corn). We personally like things a little spicy, so we got the Seafood Ramen (spicy broth, shrimp, calamari and crab).

What a joy to have a restaurant like this in our own backyard. The service we received was 5-star. The bill would be what you should expect for an excellent dinner out.

If you want something other than meat and potatoes, your pallet will thank you for trying Nikki’s Ramen.

Chicken Ramen
Seafood Ramen
Cheese and corn sticks
Avocado and corn Ramen
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