Washington Twp awaits bids for new office


WAYNE HEIGHTS—Washington Township Supervisors have advertised for construction bids for a new municipal office facility and plan to open them on March 7.

The “U”-shaped, building will consist of mostly wood-framing and metal siding with some concrete is proposed to be constructed on a property located along Buchanan Trail East just west of the Pen-Mar Antique Market. 

The property was donated by Alma Oyer to the Township for the sole purpose of constructing a Police/Administration facility for the people of Township.

One wing of the building will be used as township administrative offices and tax offices and the other wing will house the Township Police Department. 

The center section will be jointly used and consist of the entrance, meeting room, and break room.

The new building would replace the former Administrative Office building constructed in 1967, which was added on to several times over the years and now serves as the Police Station.

The current Administrative/Tax offices are housed in temporary office trailers placed in 2004 and 2008 and are showing signs of serious deterioration.

Early estimates ranged between $1.9 million and $2.7 million but may now be significantly higher due to supply issues and inflated cost.  “The uncertainty of the  cost is a concern of the Supervisors” said Jeff Geesaman, township manager. “After we open the bids and know the actual cost, the Supervisors can then decide if we should proceed as planned, revise the plans to reduce costs, delay work until financial conditions improve, or cancel the effort completely.”

Groundbreaking could take place as early as April or May.

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