Buena Vista Drive to close


WAYNE HEIGHTS—Washington Township officials will close Buena Vista Drive between Monta Vista Drive and Amsterdam Road for “an extended period of time” beginning Nov. 1.

The latest closure comes three years after the Board of Supervisors shut down Amsterdam Road between Old Mill Road and Buena Vista in the area of Shank’s Mill after discovering a box culvert that carries water from Red Run Creek to the mill race showed signs of collapse.

The culvert problem spilled over into the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas in 2019, when the township board filed a civil suit against the owner of Shank’s Mill to determine who is responsible for fixing the culvert and seeking a permanent injunction related to maintenance responsibilities of the bridge.

According to township officials, the case remains tied up in court.

Effective Nov. 1, the eastern part of Amsterdam Road will have no outlet. Traffic on Buena Vista Drive and Monta Vista Drive will need to use Mill Road or Lenape Lane to enter and exit Long Meadow Estates

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