Antrim Twnshp Officials Scheduled to Meet


February 26, 2024 7 p.m.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Public Comment
  3. Approval of the Meeting minutes as written January 29, 2024
  4. Payment of Bills
    A. Review and Authorization to Pay Water Department Bills (06 Fund)
    B. Review and Authorization to Pay Sewer Department Bills from the Capital Improvement
    Fund (97 Fund)
    C. Review and Authorization to Pay Sewer Department Bills from the Project Fund (98 Fund)
    D. Review and Authorization to Pay Sewer Department Bills from the Repair and Improvement
    Fund (99 Fund)
    E. Transfer of Sewer Tap Fees for Q2, Q3, Q4, of 2023 from 08 fund to 97 fund.
  5. Visitors
  6. Subdivision Plans
    A. Special Requests
    B. Sewer
  7. Century Industrial Development, Land Development, Molly Pitcher Hwy
  8. Heritage Estates West – Phases 2 & 3, 111 lot Subdivision, Delanie Drive
  9. ACBP Conservancy Lane, Land Development, Molly Pitcher Highway
  10. ACBP Lot 7R & Conservancy Lane, Land Development, Molly Pitcher Highway
  11. Grove U.S. Paint Building, Land Development, Buchanan Trail East
  12. Antrim 16 Developers LLC, Land Development, Buchanan Trail East
    C. Sewer and Water
  13. Keystone Crossing, 120-unit Subdivision, South Young Rd
  14. US Cold Storage, Land Development, Hykes Road
  15. CORE5 at Mason Dixon, LLC, Land Development, Greenmount Road
  16. Chloe Court Partnership, 4-lot Subdivision, Hykes Road
    D. Water
    E. Recognition Only – On-Lot or Lot addition
  17. Evan & Kelsey Martin, Lot addition, Clay Hill Road/Horst Road
  18. Sewer Facilities Planning Modules
    A. Sewage Facilities Planning Module – On-Lot
  19. Evan & Kelsey Martin, RFPW & NBD, Clay Hill Road/Horst Road
    B. Public Sewer
  20. Deeds of Dedication
  21. New Business/New or Proposed Projects
    A. General
  22. Potential Projects
  23. Senate Bill 597 – Privatization of Public Water and Sewer Systems
  24. Utilities Rate Increase Plan
    a. Water
    i. Plan review and discussion.
    b. Sewer
    i. Plan review and recommendation.
    B. Sewer
  25. Act 537
  26. Landfill Sewage Treatment Agreement
  27. Dave Janda – 679 Hykes Road
    a. Agreement Approval.
    b. Signature Authorization.
    C. Collections and/or Conveyance
    D. Water
  28. Bulk Water Fill Station.
  29. Helen Shook Irrevocable Trust to ATMA
    a. Letter to farmer, Darrel Martin
    b. Developer Expectations, Statement
  30. Exit 3 Public Water
  31. Conditions for Mandatory Connections to New Water Lines
  32. Water System Expansion Study
  33. Molly Pitcher LLC Agreement
  34. Molly Pitcher Highway North, Options for Public Water
  35. Buchanan Flats Documents
    a. Facilities Agreement
    b. Obstruction Agreement
    E. Distribution
  36. Old Business/On-going Projects
    A. General
  37. Tap Fee Calculations
    B. Sewer
    C. Collections and/or Conveyance
  38. Infiltration and Inflow (I&I)
  39. PS 17 and PS 24 Building Repairs
    D. Water
  40. Township Water Source
    a. Antrim Well 3
    b. Northern Region – Antrim Well 4 TBD
    c. Rochester Place
    d. Murray Well
    E. Distribution
    a. Water System Fire Hydrants
  41. Active Projects
    A. Sewer
  42. Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations
    B. Collections and/or Conveyance
  43. Collections and/or Conveyance
    a. Pump Station Flow
    C. Water
  44. Water Treatment Plant Operations
  45. Plant Pipe Fitting Upgrade
  46. Pit Groundwater Infiltration
  47. Process Modifications.
    a. Backwash Pump Modifications
    D. Distribution
    E. PreTreatment
  48. EDU Review
  49. Utilities Committee
  50. Solicitor’s Report
  51. Public Comment
  52. Executive Session
    A. Potential Property Acquisition
  53. Adjournmen
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