Stoner Named Franklin County’s May Employee of the Month

Franklin County Commissioner Bob Ziobrowksi, Commissioner Dave Keller, May Employee of the Month Angela Stoner, Deputy Court Administrator Aimee Hutchison, Court Administrator Mark Singer, and President Judge Shawn Meyers. PROVIDED PHOTO

CHAMBERSBURG– The Franklin County Commissioners proudly presented the May 2022 Employee of the Month award to Angela Stoner. Stoner has been employed with Franklin County since February 2006 and currently serves as a deputy court administrator.

May’s Employee of the Month recipient was determined by the Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Committee, which received 13 nominations for the May award.

When nominating a coworker, employees are asked to share a specific event or circumstance that makes an individual deserving of Employee of the Month. Stoner’s nomination cited her ability to adeptly handle and coordinate functions essential to court proceedings despite an increase in post-pandemic jury trials as well as the challenges of relocating to a new facility.

“Jury management is an area that is both demanding with set timelines and heavily dependent on technology. This is an area that Angela is immersed in daily,” said one nomination form. “The increase in jury trials post-pandemic continues to place record demands on Angela to coordinate, track and recently required the updating of all forms and software relevant to the courts’ move to the Franklin County Judicial Center.”

The form continued, “Technology improvements require coordination, collaboration, troubleshooting and patience. Angela works closely with court administration staff, judicial staff, the Board of Judges and President Judge Shawn Meyers on matters related to technology and will often tag team with others, embracing a team approach, and with little to no notice when issues pop up that require assistance, input and a troubleshooting approach. Embracing technology changes and advancement creates efficiencies and, in turn, saves money. Angela’s approach and assistance continues to be important to case flow.”

ne colleague said, “Interpreter demands is another area that is a demanding task for Angela to manage. Access to interpreters is required by rule, and the process is quite intense to coordinate from processing requests, tracking requests, securing certified interpreters from the state-approved roster, arranging accommodations and keeping mandatory statistical data. Angela has secured interpreters at the last minute in order for court proceedings to continue as scheduled. This ensures timely case flow and contributes to savings in terms of jail days saved. Angela also continues to cancel interpreters at the last minute – often outside of the ‘normal’ workday – to save taxpayer money when cases are continued or rescheduled with little to no advance notice.”

“All of Angela’s core responsibilities are handled timely, professionally and are achieved to keep the courts operating efficiently and as proceedings continue to be scheduled. This is of particular importance,” cited a coworker, “because Angela has not only been juggling these increased work demands, but she has been doing so while providing transportation and care for her teenage son who was diagnosed with leukemia and is still continuing his courageous battle with cancer. Angela and her husband have been navigating these uncharted waters for nearly two years while raising three children.”

Stoner was also recognized for her “unsurpassed dedication” for raising the alarm earlier this year when she discovered a water leak in the judicial center early one morning.

“She immediately notified appropriate staff and quickly began doing anything and everything she could to help catch the stream of water flowing from the ceiling,” cited the nomination form.

Stoner’s outstanding characteristics are attributes that have not gone unnoticed by her peers. The nomination form describes her as a dedicated and committed individual with a heart of gold.

“On behalf of the Board of Judges, we congratulate Angela on this well-deserved recognition,” said President Judge Shawn Meyers.

The Franklin County Commissioners are grateful to Stoner as she exudes a high standard of customer service, excellence and respect to the employees and residents of Franklin County.

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