April Is Safe Digging Month in Franklin County


CHAMBERSBURG – The weather forecast suggests it might be a great weekend to do yardwork. If your outdoor work plans require planting or digging, make sure you know what lies beneath.

This month, the Franklin County Commissioners are drawing attention to the importance of safe digging practices by recognizing April 2022 as Pennsylvania 811 Safe Digging Month in Franklin County.

Safe Digging Month is promoted annually by Pennsylvania 811, a utility notification information center, in an effort to encourage homeowners, businesses and contractors to plan ahead before beginning excavation on outdoor projects, which often begin in the spring.

Homeowners or contractors should dial 811 at least three days before digging. Pennsylvania 811 will then notify the appropriate underground utility operators in the municipality in which the work will be performed. After receiving that notification, the underground utility operators will visit the work site to mark the approximate location of their underground utilities with flags or temporary paint.

By calling 811 before digging, homeowners and contractors are helping to protect underground utilities, which ultimately protects themselves, work crews and their neighbors from unsafe digging practices and associated hazards, including injuries, property damage and unexpected utility outages.

For more information on Pennsylvania 811 and safe digging practices, visit www.paonecall.org.

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