Rock ‘n’ roll, trees and vetted news


MONT ALTO— During Penn State Mont Alto’s 2022 spring Evening Talk Series, faculty and staff members will talk with campus and local community members about their personal interests and experiences. The talks will be offered both in-person and via Zoom.

Tuesday, Feb. 8, 7:30 p.m.: The Flute From Mythology to Rock and Roll. This talk will be presented by Morgan Jenkins, assistant teaching professor of music. The flute is one of the oldest instruments dating back to 45,000 B.C. as proven by an animal bone flute found by archeologists. In Greek mythology, the story begins with the legend of Pan and Syrinx, and then throughout the centuries, the flute has remained a popular instrument and even became popular in rock and roll through the music of the rock group Jethro Tull. This presentation will demonstrate the flute as a beautiful classical instrument and as a gritty rock and roll woodwind capable of competing with electric guitars.

Wednesday, March 23, 7:30 p.m.: Identifying Misinformation and Vetting Sources in a Digital World. This talk will be presented by Kristi Addleman Ritter, reference and instruction librarian, and Courtney Gotham, director of public relations and marketing. Misinformation and disinformation are rampant in the digital content we consume each day. During this presentation, Addleman Ritter and Gotham will cover the differences between the two, ways to identify them, and how to vet sources to start creating and sharing accurate content.

Thursday, April 7, 7:30 p.m.: Amazing Trees in the Penn State Mont Alto Arboretum. This talk will be presented by Craig Houghton, program coordinator and assistant teaching professor in forestry, and Beth Brantley, a technical support specialist for Bartlett Tree Experts. Houghton and Brantley, a former Penn State Mont Alto faculty member, will provide an entertaining presentation on their relationships with amazing trees in the Penn State Mont Alto Arboretum. They will share stories of tree planting, tree care, fascinating tree history and other items as they see fit.

Post-Evening Talk Star Parties

Weather permitting, Kim Herrmann, associate professor of physics and astronomy, will lead a Star Party after each presentation in the field between Orchard Road and the General Studies Building parking lot from 8:45 to 10 p.m. Telescope viewing and night sky tours with green laser pointers will be part of the star party activities.

Multiple telescopes may be available, courtesy of the TriState Astronomers, a local amateur astronomy club. In the event of cold weather, patrons should wear layers of clothing and bring jackets, hats and gloves. Precipitation or cloud cover may cause any Star Party to be canceled.

Registration required

Evening talks and Star Parties are free and open to the public and advanced registration for both is required. Additionally, local participants can attend evening talks in person at the General Studies Auditorium. Masking is required indoors at all Penn State campuses regardless of vaccination status.

To register to attend one or more of the Evening Talks in person, please complete this form.

To register to attend one or more of the star parties, please complete this form.

Local and campus community members interested in attending the Evening Talks virtually or in attending the virtual planetarium shows can register for the Zoom link below.

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