ON THE AGENDA: Franklin County Commissioners


CHAMBERSBURG—The Franklin County Commissioners will meet at 11 a.m. today, Wednesday, Nov. 10 to consider the following:

  1. Children & Youth – Updated contract listing for all contracts and addendums for Fiscal Year 2021/2022 for the Children & Youth department. Contract listing is maintained for proper accounting of all contracts to include vendor name and address, type(s) of service provided and rate(s) charged for services.
  2. Commissioners – Change Order #GC-110 from Lobar, Inc. to revise dedicated lactation room 2036 door hardware to privacy set at the Judicial Center Project at a cost of $850.72.  
  3. Commissioners – Change Order #GC-111 from Lobar, Inc. to paint wood base and wood door casing/trim at Historic Courthouse first and second floors at a cost of $8,976.45.  
  4. Commissioners – Change Order #GC-112 from Lobar, Inc. to paint walls in historic courtroom 208 at the Historic Courthouse Project at a cost of $5,714.45.  
  1. Commissioners – Lease Agreement between the County of Franklin and Derwood Martin DBA Clearview Farm, for lease of land for agriculture purposes on Franklin Farm Lane for a lease amount of $1,581.07 per month, payable to the County on the first of each month, for the period of January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2024.  Request for bids was advertised, this was the only bid received.  The Commissioners awarded the bid to Mr. Martin at the October 27th Board meeting.
  2. Courts – Agreement between the County of Franklin and Veronica Brestensky to provide legal services for juveniles involved in the delinquency process to ensure juveniles are adequately represented during case processing at a cost not to exceed $62,400.00 for the period of January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022.
  3. Grants/CJAB – PA Commission on Crime & Delinquency for the Grant-in-Aid to pay a portion of the wages of 23 officers in Adult Probation for a grant amount of $161,227.00 for the period of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.
  4. MH/IDD/EI – Supplemental Appropriation to transfer unspent fiscal year 2019-2020 funds into calendar year 2021 for expenditures in the amount of $108,585.00.
  5. Property Management – Quote from Eby’s Lawn & Garden for purchase of a Ventrac 4500 tractor to be used for snow removal at a cost of $35,989.46.  Quotes were placed on Public Purchase and the quote from Eby’s was the lowest provided, in addition to being able to meet the requested delivery timeframe.

The board will review items beginning at 11 a.m., break for a recess, then return at 2 p.m. for approvals and presentations. The board meets in the county Administrative Building, 272 N. Second St., Chambersburg. Meetings are also livestreamed on Franklin County’s YouTube channel and at http://bit.ly/BOCCLiveStream at scheduled meeting times.

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