Hit the Ground Running 2.0


What is “Hit the Ground Running”? On June 12, 2020, the world was in the middle of a standstill. Do you remember that?

If you do, you’ll remember that we were in a time of uncertainty, a time of fear, a time that felt out of control.

On that day, I decided to start a running streak – a promise to run at least one mile every day. I learned about this phenomenon from my close friend, Angie Fuss, who has a more than 9-year streak (that’s not a typo – that’s a fact). 

I didn’t have a goal of how many days I would run this streak – maybe 10, maybe 100, maybe a year. Now, it’s more than 500 days later and I have no desire to stop.

This streak has brought me consistency, a sense of control, and more than anything time every day to think, reflect, and contemplate – which brings me to this blog. 

About 6 years ago, I wrote a weekly blog called “Hit the Ground Running” – life happened and somehow, the writing stopped. That is one thing I have always regretted. 

That is all about to change – I’m back and I’m so ecstatic to have the opportunity to resurrect the blog for this community. 

Hit the Ground Running is NOT a running blog. It’s not filled with tips on starting to run, mastering a 5k, or treating black toenails (although sometimes running might find its way in!). 

No, this weekly blog will be reflections and insights I mull over in those early morning hours when the world is still asleep and I am getting some miles in. This might be anything from funny views on the world to heartfelt motivational messages to quirky tidbits of fluff. One thing I can promise you is that they will be authentically me – a 44-year-old wife, mother of two daughters, who teaches high school English, runs for fun, loves candy and puppies, looks for the positive in every situation, and aims to be a dose of sunshine. 

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I look forward to covering the miles with each of you.

Emily Dickey is a Waynesboro native who run for fun and always looks for an opportunity to spread the sunshine.

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