Brenda Thiam Runs for MD’s 6th Congressional Seat, Holds Final Fundraising Event

Brenda Thiam (center) during recent parade (photo courtesy of Thiam campaign)

Brenda Thiam is a Republican candidate for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District seat, and faces challengers in the upcoming primary election held on May 14, 2024. Early voted runs from May 2nd through 9th.

The Hagerstown resident holds her final campaign fundraising event on Thursday April 11th. Tickets are available on her website ( or at the door. Four supporters who arrive first will receive free tickets. The event will be held at the Springfield Farm Barn at 12 Springfield Lane in Williamsport, from 6-8 pm. Entertainment will be provided by Nashville recording artist Trey Taylor.

Candidate Thiam (pronounced ‘Cham’) has an extensive background in education and that is a vital component of her political platform. The highly educated office-seeker earned a Master of Education Degree from the University of Maryland, a Doctor of Philosophy from Capella University, and also received a Graduate Certificate from Penn State University in Applied Behavior Management.

Thiam followed with a career in Special Education at the Washington County school district, with a specialty in autism. Married, with a daughter, Thiam believes in common sense policies for education that are research-based.

With a campaign motto ‘A Movement for Change’, Thiam advocates empowering parents in the education process. “I believe parents should be able to enroll their children in a private school setting or homeschool them. A child should not be held hostage by a failing public school system because of their zip code.” Thiam says school tax funds should be used to allow parents a choice between public and privates schools.

Candidate Brenda Thiam also feels teachers’ unions have too much power. “We should make it less cumbersome to become a licensed teacher,” she said. This process would help address the current teacher shortage. Thiam also believes the education system should return to its basic mission: teaching kids and graduating intelligent future citizens.

Thiam holds traditional conservative values and hopes that resonates with Western Maryland voters. She is a stanch advocate of the 2nd Amendment and believes in an individual’s right to bear arms. As the daughter of a Deputy Sheriff she prioritizes public safety, saying diligent law enforcement creates safer communities.

Thiam at St. Patrick’s Day parade (couresty of Thiam campaign)

Candidate Thiam is Pro-Life and says: “I believe in the sanctity of life for unborn babies.”

Regarding immigration, Thiam advocates strict border policies. “If a country doesn’t have secure borders, it is not a country.”

Thiam is also fiscally conservative, stressing reduced government spending and reigning in the national debt. She believes Maryland families deserve a break from increased taxation and inflation. Thiam remarked she often has impromptu conversations with people at the grocery store or gas pump about their frustrations with higher prices. Thiam says “throwing money at problems isn’t the best avenue” and government should use financial resources wisely.

Brenda Thiam has broken barriers during her short political career. As a teacher, she recalled discussing policy frustrations with her husband several years ago. He replied: “Why don’t you run for office?” The suggestion hit home with Thiam, and she ran a successful primary bid for Hagerstown City Council in 2020. “I wanted a better community,” she said, “and public service can be a force for positive change.”

Before Thiam could run in the general Hagerstown election, then Maryland Governor Larry Hogan tapped her to fill a vacancy in the Maryland State Assembly. Thiam became the first black Republican female in state history to serve in that capacity in Annapolis. Her fellow Republican legislators appointed her Deputy Minority Whip.

As Thiam runs for national office, she has kept close ties to her passion for education, especially helping autistic students. Its estimated 1 in 36 children face challenges with autism, and the condition affects members of Thiam’s own family. She and her husband are currently establishing a non-profit entity that will offer help to the autistic community. Thiam reminds the public that April is Autism Awareness Month.

While maintaining a home in her Hagerstown community, Thiam is campaigning in the 6th district territory, which includes Washington, Allegheny, Garrett, and Frederick Counties, as well as parts of Montgomery County. “It’s a large district, but I like engaging with voters. My values and belief system have always been the same. God and family first.”

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