Increased Criminal Activity Prompts Heightened Patrols in Chambersburg


CHAMBERSBURG- The Chambersburg Police Department (CPD) has reported an uptick in criminal activity in the area surrounding Southgate and the Rail Trail from E. Washington Street to S. Main St. In response, the department has increased the number of patrols, both on foot and in patrol cars, in and around the affected area.

The CPD is urging citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity or persons immediately. Additionally, the department would like to remind the public that the rail trail is closed to pedestrian traffic from dusk to dawn.

If individuals must use the rail trail between dusk and dawn, the CPD recommends the following safety tips:

Safety Tips for Using the Rail Trail After Dark

  • Always carry a fully charged cell phone with 911 capability
  • Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries
  • Be aware of your surroundings and minimize distractions
  • Stay in well-lit areas
  • Walk, run, or travel with a group of people
  • Notify family or friends of your general location and expected return time

The public is encouraged to report any observed or perceived criminal activity by calling 911, the Franklin County Dispatch Non-Emergency number at 717-263-1611, the Chambersburg Police Department at 717-264-4131, or by submitting a tip on Crimewatch.

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