Explore Small Store Shopping in Franklin County PA with Boutique Blitz


CHAMBERSBURG- Boutique shoppers wanted in Franklin County for Boutique Blitz. Franklin County Visitors Bureau invites shoppers to explore the boutique stores of Franklin County. From unique to antique and artique to winetique, it is fantastique or fantastic.

Remember playing Tic Tac Toe as a child?  Boutique Blitz is that simple. Click here to get the Tic Tac Toe form. Select the category of shop where a purchase was made. Three in a row—horizontally, vertically, or diagonally—is a winner. So easy to play; complete name, email, and phone and send to be entered into the drawing for one of four $200 Franklin County shopping sprees. Snap a pix of three separate receipts to confirm purchase. Winners of the $200 shopping sprees will be asked to confirm purchases with the receipts or pix of the receipt.  Everyone getting Tic Tac Toe three-in-a-row wins a Boutique Blitz reusable shopping bag.

Boutique Blitz is a way to shop small for apparel and shoes;, art, books, and home decor; and all kinds of jewelry and accessories. The chance to win prizes is a bonus. The real reward is in recognizing the value entrepreneurs bring to America’s Main Streets. Boutique Blitz stores give a tailored shopping experience–one meant to be personal and not mass-produced. These stores are usually smaller and intimate with hand-crafted or locally made products. Boutique apparel shops bring their owner’s twist to national and regional clothing lines and inspire clientele with fresh ideas and personal service.

Beyond the products purchased, shoppers to Main Street encourage entrepreneurship, vitality, and innovation. Boutique and small store owners are bound by a desire to make their community better, building a deeper connection and civic engagement.

Franklin County Visitors Bureau encourages visitors and residents to enjoy great shopping throughout Franklin County and check out the old-fashioned fun of Tic Tac Toe. Guaranteed it will give a fresh perspective on shopping the Main Streets of Franklin County PA. 

For more information about Boutique Blitz or to get involved as a vendor, please visit https://www.explorefranklincountypa.com/boutique-blitz/ or contact 717.552.2977 or 866.646.8060.

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