Waynesboro swimmers sweep Boiling Springs


BOILING SPRINGS – The Waynesboro Area Senior High School boys’ and girls’ swim teams aren’t only chalking up wins, but they are keeping up with each other.

The Maidens one-upped the Indians a year ago by going undefeated and winning the Mid-Penn Colonial Division. This season, both teams are rolling – er, splashing – along.

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, coach Sharon McIlquham celebrated another league title as the girls’ squad defeated Boiling Springs 97-88. The boys’ team also came away with a win as the Tribe eked out a 93-90 victory.

The win keeps the Maidens undefeated at 6-0. The boys (you guessed it) are also 6-0.

Waynesboro’s teams are the only teams without a league loss, and, with two meets remaining, there will be some pressure to keep winning against Big Spring next Thursday and East Pennsboro next Tuesday.

Both Waynesboro teams won six of the 11 events. While that was important, so were the second and third-place finishes.

In the boys’ meet, Waynesboro won the 200-yard medley relay (Gabe Blake, Will Yost, JB Bonner and Brenner McIlquham) in a very close finish with its second entry comprised of Aiden Hess, Owen Shockey, Cello Dimino and Parker Hull. The winning team finished with a time of 1:51.52; the second team was right behind McIlquham down the stretch and touched the pool side in 1:52.19.

Bonner, Blake, Shockey and McIlquham teamed up to win the 200 freestyle relay in 1:34.75.

In the individual events, Yost captured first in the 200 freestyle (1:58.09). McIlquham was victorious in the 50 freestyle (22.67) and the 100 freestyle (49.44). Cello Dimino won the 100 butterfly (59.32) and Shockey took first in the 100 breaststroke (1:12.47).

Boiling Springs’ Cameron Ackley won the 100 backstroke, but Hess and Blake gave the Indians points by placing second and third, respectively.

Those finishes essentially canceled out the second and third places by Boiling Springs in the 200 freestyle.

Waynesboro also picked up second and third in the 1-meter diving event, with Tank Benedict grabbing second and Kyle Swanson placing third.

The Bubblers kept it close when they claimed second and third places in the 100 butterfly. However, the Indians countered with first and third in the 100 breaststroke and first and second in the 100 freestyle.

In the girls’ meet, Waynesboro won the 200 medley relay (Maddy Stoops, Belle Hess, Eve Phillips and Ruth Phillips) and the 200 freestyle relay (Hess, Ruth Phillips, Lillian Moreno and Eve Phillps).

In individual events, Eve Phillips won the 200 freestyle (2:06.2) as well as the 200 individual medley (2:22.34). Ruth Phillips took first in the 50 freestyle (25.60) and 100 butterfly (1:03.29).

The Maidens claimed the top two spots in the 1-meter diving event. Camryn Bonner was the winner with a score of 202.45. Jada Creager was second.



Waynesboro 93, Boiling Springs 90

200-yard medley relay – 1. Waynesboro (Gabe Blake, Will Yost, JB Bonner, Brenner McIlquham) 1:51.52

200 freestyle – 1. Will Yost (W) 1:58.09; 2. Ryan Kuffa (BS); 3. Chase Morton (BS)

200 individual medley – 1. Keegan Williamson (BS) 2:12.01; 2. JB Bonner (W); 3. Weston Rudge (BS)

50 freestyle – 1. Brenner McIlquham (W) 22.67; 2. Cameron Ackley (BS); 3. Nick Trabucco (BS)

1-meter diving – 1. Preston Kuhn (BS) 158.35; 2. Tank Benedict (W); 3. Kyle Swanson (W)

100 butterfly – 1. Cello Dimino (W) 59.32; 2. Ryan Kuffa (BS); 3. Garrett McCormick (BS)

100 freestyle – 1. Brenner McIlquham (W) 49.44; 2. Gabe Blake (W); 3. Nick Trabucco (BS)

500 freestyle – 1. Keegan Williamson (BS) 5:20.00; 2. JB Bonner (W); Andrew Bryan (W)

200 freestyle relay – 1. Waynesboro (JB Bonner, Gabe Blake, Owen Shockey, Brenner McIquham) 1:34.75

100 backstroke – 1. Cameron Ackley (BS) 59.18; 2. Aiden Hess (W); 3. Gabe Blake (W)

100 breaststroke – 1. Owen Shockey (W) 1:12.47; 2. Cash Brothers (BS); 3. Will Yost (W)

400 freestyle relay – 1. Boiling Springs (Zain Snider, Weston Rudge, Chase Morton, Keegan WIllilamson) 3:43.27


Waynesboro 97, Boiling Springs 88

200-yard medley relay – 1. Waynesboro (Maddy Stoops, Belle Hess, Eve Phillips, Ruth Phillips) 1:59.97

200 freestyle – 1. Eve Phillips (W) 2:06.21; Callie McCann (BS); 3. Reese Hays (BS)

200 individual medley – 1. Eve Phillips (W) 2:22.34; 2. Ella Garman (BS); 3. Haley Lenker (BS)

50 freestyle – 1 Ruth Phillips (W) 25.60; 2. Piper Heyman (BS); 3. Lillian Moreno (W)

1-meter diving – 1. Camryn Bonner (W) 202.45; 2. Jada Creager (W); 3. Emma Simon (BS)

100 butterfly – 1. Ruth Phillips (W) 1:03.29; 2. Maggie Brenner (BS); 3. Addelynn McCann (BS)

100 freestyle – 1. Piper Heyman (BS) 57.72; 2. Maddy Stoops (W); 3. Reese Hays (BS)

500 freestyle – 1. Callie McCann (BS) 6:01.16; 2. Maddy Stoops (W); 3. Ava Brandes (W)

200 freestyle relay – 1. Waynesboro (Belle Hess, Ruth Phillips, Lillian Moreno, Eve Phillips) 1:46.43

100 backstroke – 1. Haley Lenker (BS) 1:07.45; 2. Maggie Brenner (BS); Carina Chen (BS)

100 breaststroke – 1. Ella Garmanb (BS) 1:17.00; 2. Belle Hess (W); 3. Lillian Moreno (W)

400 freestyle relay – 1. Boiling Springs (Callie McCann, Reese Hays, Maggie Brenner, Piper Heyman) 4:09.19

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