A Warm Welcome Awaits This Christmas Eve at Church of the Apostles


WAYNESBORO- As the twinkling lights illuminate the crisp night and carols fill the air, the Church of the Apostles, United Church of Christ, extends a heartfelt invitation to all for a special Christmas Eve service at 7 pm on December 24th.

Nestled at 336 Barnett Avenue in Waynesboro, the church promises a welcoming space to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Pastor Bob Macfarlane shares the spirit of the season, recalling the earlier “Hanging of the Greens” ceremony where parishioners adorned the Christmas tree with meaningful “Crismon” ornaments. These symbols, depicting doves, crosses, angels, and sheep, whisper stories of Christ’s arrival and the profound hope it brought to the world.

Whether you’re seeking solace in familiar Christmas melodies, yearning for a sense of community, or simply embracing the season’s joy, the Church of the Apostles opens its doors with open arms. This is a night to share the magic of Christmas with loved ones, new and old. As Pastor Macfarlane says, “Bring a friend, and welcome the birth of the Christ Child!”

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