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AHS Pet of the Week: Tango

WAYNESBORO–The Antietam Humane Society offers cats, dogs and a variety of animals up for adoption to loving homes. For more information on providing a forever home, visit the shelter at 8513 Lyons Road, visit their website or call them at 717-762-9091.

Tango came to us as a stray in June 2023 and is unfortunately a good example of a dog not doing well in the kennel environment. He is very anxious in the kennel and that has resulted in him even being shy when meeting new people. Tango is definitely not the same happy-go-lucky pup he was when he originally came to us and we would love for him to find a quiet home to call his own so his personality can shine again!

Tango LOVES to give hugs and kisses and greets staff every morning with as much energy as he can muster! Once he is comfortable with you, butt scratches and butt pats are the way to this pup’s heart. Stuffed toys and anything squeaky has been Tango’s go to toys while in our care. He would be happy to spend hours outside as long as he had a toy to toss around or people to play with!

Tango was found as a stray with two other large dogs. While in our care he has not been interested in making friends but we would be willing to try a meet-and-greet with any potential doggy friends. Tango has done well with the AHS office cats. We would still recommend slow, careful introductions in the home to any potential cats! Tango will need an adult-only home as he has not been a big fan of children here at the shelter or loud, chaotic environments in general.

This three-year old pup loves going on walks with AHS staff and volunteers or simply spending time in the yard. He does need some work on his leash manners but loves chewy treats and is excited to learn more! While he is very energetic when zooming around the yard or when he goes outside, Tango settles very well with a peanut butter Kong or chew to keep him busy.

We would love to see Tango go into his forever or even a foster home to help with his kennel anxieties. If you are interested in meeting with Tango, please stop by the shelter to visit with him today!

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