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WAYNESBORO–The Antietam Humane Society offers cats, dogs and a variety of animals up for adoption to loving homes. For more information on providing a forever home, visit the shelter at 8513 Lyons Road, visit their website or call them at 717-762-9091.

Alfred is Our Pet of the Week!

This senior boy came to us as a stray and we would love for him to find a home that will let him relax his golden years away!
We are estimating that Alfred is at least fourteen-years-old but it is hard to estimate entirely as this old boy has no teeth. Due to that Alfred does need to be on a primarily soft-food diet but will happily crunch away on dry kibble as well. Alfred is an extremely easy-going kitty and prefers to spend most of his time napping.
When Alfred is not napping, he can be a bit of a chatterbox when he is excited to eat or get some pets! Alfred loves attention and will head-butt you and purr when he is looking for some love!
Alfred is front-declawed but has shown no sensitivities with litter while in our care. He has also done great around our other adoptable cats and does not mind all his human visitors! We would recommend a calm household for Alfred as this old boy does not seem to care for hustle and bustle and prefers to be able to snooze in peace.

If you are willing to open your heart and home to Alfred, stop by and meet him today!
Feel free to share to other pages so we can find Alfred a comfortable, loving home to spend his senior years in!

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