Rotary Club of Waynesboro News


WAYNESBORO- The Rotary Club of Waynesboro submitted the following club news:

Stacie Masset and Ann Yorty with BLAST of Waynesboro presented about their budding organization.

BLAST stands for Bold Loving Affirming Supportive Together. It’s a non-profit with a mission to promote inclusion through awareness and acceptance via vibrant community work. They are blasting through barriers for those with mental and physical disabilities to an inclusive community of opportunities. The organization was created to provide a communication network for families in the Waynesboro area who have children (minors or adults) with disabilities. They are filling a need in the Waynesboro area for activities for individuals with mental and physical disabilities who are over the age of 21. Some opportunities they have provided include BLAST Baseball, Bowling, Aquatics, a Christmas Party and a Valentine’s Day Party. They have a goal to install an adaptive playground at Rotary Park.

To learn more about their organization or how to help with the adaptive playground please visit

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