Township resumes 24/7 coverage


WAYNE HEIGHTS–The Washington Township Supervisors have announced that effective January 1, 2023, the Washington Township Police Department has resumed 24-hour police coverage in the township. 

“This is a matter of pride for the police officers of the Township,” said Assistant Township Manager Vernon Ashway.  “Our officers are dedicated to protecting and serving the citizen of Washington Township, and have been tirelessly working to strengthen our policing services.”

Police protection in Washington Township had been supplemented by the Pennsylvania State Police for the last several years due to staffing issues.  Several veteran police officers retired, creating vacancies that were unable to be adequately filled due to the lack of qualified applicants.  However, after successive rounds of testing and the hiring of outstanding new officers, Washington Township is pleased to announce that they have achieved sufficient staffing levels necessary for full-time service.

“While many other municipalities have been cutting back on policing services due to political pressure, Washington Township has been investing in our department and cultivating new leaders,” said Township Supervisor Stewart McCleaf.  “Every resident in the Township can rest assured knowing that a local law enforcement officer will be available at all hours of the day or night to respond during their time of need.”

The township’s police department is now at full staff, which enables them to return to full-time service.

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