Rabbittransit Microtransit Service To Serve Franklin County


CHAMBERSBURG – As of Aug. 15, rabbittransit will expand its Stop Hopper microtransit service to Chambersburg. The Stop Hopper services residents through small, neighborhood friendly-sized public transit vehicles.

For just $2 per ride, riders can travel anywhere within the designated service zone by requesting a ride using the Stop Hopper smartphone app. Following a ride request, the app provides an estimated pick-up time, tracks vehicles in real-time and alerts passengers when their ride is about to arrive. Passengers are picked up in a nine-person, ADA-accessible van and taken where they want to go.

“When individuals have increased mobility options, they have increased possibilities to improve their quality of life,” said Rich Farr, executive director of rabbittransit. “rabbittransit is proud to offer Stop Hopper as an affordable way to help riders in smaller, rural communities access the benefits of public transit.”

The Stop Hopper service will begin in the immediate Chambersburg area. If the program proves to be successful, it could be expanded to other areas of the county.

“PennDOT and rabbittransit have teamed up to provide a great transportation option for the general public. The timing is great; local employers are hurting for workers,” said Franklin County Commissioner Dave Keller. “This is an affordable transportation option for people who want to work but don’t have reliable transportation.”

The Stop Hopper app is available for download via the App Store or Google Play. Chambersburg operating hours will range from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The service is free for seniors 65+ who possess a registered free fare ID card. Riders may also place a ride request by calling 1-800-632-9063 one hour before their desired pick-up time.

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