Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Warns Of Phone Scam


CHAMBERSBURG — The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of a phone scam circulating throughout Franklin County.

An individual posing as a sheriff’s deputy claims the individual who answered the phone has missed a court date and is facing a warrant for arrest unless he or she pays the caller with gift cards. This is a scam.

If the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office needs to contact someone, deputies will make an attempt to visit that individual in person at his or her residence. If the individual is not home at the time of the visit, deputies will leave a card at the residence asking the individual to contact or visit the sheriff’s office at (717) 261-3877 or 14 N. Main St., Chambersburg, to discuss the matter.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents to be alert and cautious when answering phone calls. If something doesn’t seem correct, report the suspicious call to the local police department or sheriff’s office. Residents can also visit to learn more about how to protect themselves or to report scams.

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