The time for a reckoning has come for America


There is a reckoning for individuals and for countries.

I’m surprised it has not already happened, but like the sunrise and sunset, it is inevitable.

It seems obvious that, in witnessing the intensity of world events, that we are getting closer and closer to a single cataclysmic event – or a series of catastrophic events.

While the war in Ukraine (it is not a war at all, but, rather, an invasion by one country into another) is, at least on the nightly news, tragic for the one country, it is not the single event that may (will) lead the world into a final tailspin that will no doubt result in the feared One World Government that we have come tantalizingly close to in the past 100 years.

While talk of a so-called New World Order has been given little or no attention in the wider world, it is often the overlooked things in life that prove to be the most profound and true.

Scoffers will scoff. Skeptics will be skeptical. Cynics will be cynical.

Remember the words of Isaiah? “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone?”

 It is the irony of history that the least adhered to principles are the most vital. And, it is because they are ignored that the world continues to spiral out of control to the point that no one can be considered safe or a target of ridicule or harm.

When life becomes devalued the way it has in modern times, there is no wonder why human beings are killing one another at a pace never seen – both in and out of the womb.

What’s more is the level of gullibility among the population when it comes to current events and the interpretation of events and trends by the mass media.

What’s even more is the reticence with which society has accepted the breakdown of the family and the social structure and the overwhelming importance placed on the trivial (i.e., culture and entertainment).

It is not like this has not been noticeable for many, many years. Yet, the degree by which the family has become virtually obsolete in the 21st century should send chills up the spines of everyone who believes in the sanctity of the family and human life.

Take away the family, take away everything.

We see life through the lens of a secular media and an unbelieving world (unbelieving in the sense that most people believe what they are told by the secular media and corporate entertainment).

News is presented without context; when the context is provided, it is based on certain presuppositions (forest fires and hurricanes are worse because of climate change – wars would be unnecessary if nations were unnecessary).

Dissent to the prevailing winds has become seen as a clear and present danger to democracy. The dissent I am referring to is that of what may be seen as the self-evident truths of self-determination and freedom of thought.

The other side of these truths is a world under the thumb of dictatorship and totalitarianism.

This is where the world is progressing.

This is the America’s reckoning.

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