Antietam Watershed Wonders: Nature Photographs Thursday

The phantom cranefly is native to Pennsylvania. This one was photographed at the old Chambersburg reservoir site by Dave Graff.

WAYNESBORO— Explore the natural wonders of our local watershed through photography during “Antietam Watershed Wonders: Nature Photographs,” a free program this Thursday, April 21, at 7 p.m. at the Church of the Apostles, 336 Barnett Avenue, Waynesboro, Pa. An online attendance option is also available via Zoom.

The program is sponsored by The Institute in partnership with the Antietam Watershed Association.

Presented by Dave Graff, The Institute’s watershed science coordinator and an environmental educator, the program features plants and animals that depend on watersheds, as well as images of general watershed scenery.

“Most of the images will be local, but some may feature photos that I took in Florida, while working on an estuary—the area where the fresh water from the watershed meets the salt water of the ocean,” Graff said.

A watershed is a land area that directs rain and snowfall to rivers and streams that eventually flow to the ocean. Our local watershed is comprised of the east & west branches of Antietam Creek, flowing into the Potomac River, then to the Chesapeake Bay, the nation’s largest estuary.

Graff will show photos from the start of our watershed where the Antietam’s flow emerges, as a strong trickling spring, from underground in the mountains. 

“Our actions here in Franklin County can have impacts all the way downstream to the Bay,” Graff said. “My presentation is meant to inspire viewers and foster a renewed sense of care and responsibility for watersheds and the plants and animals—including us!—that depend on them.”

“I am an avid nature photographer—insects, spiders and other macrophotography (close-up) are some of my favorite subjects,” he said. “I really enjoy sharing the beauty and majesty of nature that a lot people don’t notice.”

Space is limited and registration is preferred. Email The Institute at [email protected], or call 717-762-0373. Zoom link provided on registration.

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