Hit The Ground Running: ‘Tis the season for time with family and friends


Over the holiday break, I was able to catch up with quite a number of important people in my life – mom friends, former students, close family members, and true blue, lifelong friends.

It is not lost on me that I am lucky. 

Lucky to have so many blessings of support in my life.

People who have seen me at my best and have cheered me on.

People who have seen me at my worst and have loved me anyway.

It’s also not lost on me how much relationships change with time. 

Friends I couldn’t wait to call when I got home from school have now become once-a-year phone calls for birthdays.

Friends who I barely knew in high school have become family. 

Friends I talked to every single day a few years ago have become less frequent texts throughout the week. 

It’s not that anyone did anything wrong – it’s the reality of life.

We each have obligations and responsibilities that call us into other areas.

We have new interests or hobbies that take up our time as well.

We may have even become closer with other people in the meantime. 

None of this is bad or intentional. 

The best part about all of these friendships – both past and present?

I know I can call any one of these people and they would have my back in a heartbeat. 

How do I know? I have witnessed it so many times. 

I have also tried to do the same for them. 

No matter what time of day – what season of life – all it takes is picking up the phone. 

No need for a “Sorry we haven’t talked in a while” or an explanation of how time has slipped away.

We just pick up right where we left off. 

Without hesitation, without ulterior motives – that’s the beauty of friendship. 

Remembering what brought you together in the first place and cherishing WHO that person is, regardless of the passage of time, celebrating their joys and giving them a comforting shoulder – that’s what friendship is all about. 

So this year, I plan to not only continue to hold fast to those true-blue friends who have weathered the years, trials, and triumphs by my side but also to make a point of reconnecting with some of those friends I have missed along the way. 

It’s true – there is no greater gift than your presence. 

Just pick up the phone and reconnect. 

Emily Dickey is a Waynesboro native who run for fun and always looks for an opportunity to spread the sunshine.

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