Local.News is Listening: Tips

Local.News is Listening: Tips

Here you will find improvements and tips Local.News made to improve what we do.  We announce some of these in emails titled as above and will continue to announce new changes or suggestions that way. We’ll also publish them here for your future reference, for new users you tell about us, and for those who find us all by themselves.

Stories:  We enjoy providing stories about everything in our area.  There is so much going on.  Serving an informed, connected community with a great local news network is our objective.  If you have a story to share, write to us at news@LocalNews1.org.  If you like what we’re doing, tell all your friends and neighbors.  Got a suggestion or complaint?  Contact us at contact@LocalNews1.org and we’ll look into it. 

Easy Local.News Access:  We actually started Local.News with the idea of an app.  There is a quick way to get immediate access on your iPhone, iPad or Android device by placing an icon on your home screen.  Just follow these instructions.  One touch and you’re at Local.News every day. 

Free Looks:  Some subscribers noted they want to share a story with family and friends but we did not have that capability.  We’ve changed access so anyone can see 3 stories per month without subscribing.  Hope this helps. 

Reloading Passwords:  We got a few complaints about constantly having to reload passwords.  Cermak Technologies researched this and found if you check the “Remember Me” box at login, you will remain logged in for 2 weeks.  We have changed that to 2 years.  As long as you stay logged in with “Remember Me” checked, you won’t have to worry about logging in for a long time!

Opt In Email Reminders:  Some of you suggested sending an email reminder to check Local.News.  It is done!  To receive an email reminder, go to your “My Account” page (the big yellow box in the banner).  Scroll down and you will find a new checkbox to “Opt-In to Email Reminders”.  Checking that box will open a window so you can choose the days of the week to receive a reminder.  Check or uncheck days to suit your schedule and click save.  Reminder emails will arrive early on the days you choose.  


Historical News Archives:   A little known feature of the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library (AHMFL) is that it has a page where you can search over 172 years of local history from all the papers who preceded Local.News as the local news outlet.  In cooperation with AHMFL we’ve added a convenient link to their archives to make it easy to access all that history.  That link is located at the bottom left of the footer (the grey area at the bottom) on every page.