Greencastle Primary to Host Family Math Night


Greencastle Primary School is excited to invite families to its upcoming Family Math Night on April 11 from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Primary Gym. This engaging event is designed to encourage students and their families to explore the wonders of mathematics through a variety of fun, hands-on activities.

Explore the Joy of Numbers

During Family Math Night, attendees will have the opportunity to play with numbers and discover their hidden delights. The event will feature eight interactive stations, each offering a unique way to reinforce classroom learning and foster a love for mathematics.

Cater to All Skill Levels

Recognizing that students have diverse mathematical abilities, the event will offer three different activity levels. Families can choose the level that best suits their needs, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to advanced learners, can participate and enjoy the experience.

Hands-On Projects to Take Home

In addition to the engaging stations, families will have the chance to create their own math-themed projects to take home. These hands-on activities will not only be fun but also serve as a way to continue the learning process beyond the event.

Strengthening the Home-School Connection

Family Math Night is an excellent opportunity for parents and guardians to collaborate with their children’s teachers and school community. By participating in this event, families can gain a deeper understanding of the mathematical concepts being taught in the classroom and find new ways to support their child’s learning at home. Don’t miss this exciting chance to explore the world of mathematics together. Join Greencastle Primary School on April 11th for a night of fun, learning, and family bonding.

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