AHS Featured Pet of the Week

AHS Pet of the Week: Grinch

WAYNESBORO–The Antietam Humane Society offers cats, dogs and a variety of animals up for adoption to loving homes. For more information on providing a forever home, visit the shelter at 8513 Lyons Road, visit their website or call them at 717-762-9091.

“Meet our Pet Of The Week, Grinch!

This ten-year-old boy came to us in September 2023 as a stray and is looking for a home where he can spend his golden years relaxing! Grinch can be a little bit of a grouchy boy when he is scared or taken by surprise so a calm home with extra time and love to give would be ideal for this old man.
Grinch is not the biggest fan of being held but LOVES chin scratches and pets. He is a big drooler and you can always expect for him to have a wet chin if he is really enjoying the attention he is getting! Grinch does enjoy having a cozy bed or blanket to curl up on and spends a majority of his day snoozing. This senior boy is lacking in the teeth department and does prefer having wet food and soft treats (though he will crunch on kibble if it is given to him) to munch on.
Unfortunately, Grinch is positive for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) which means he may need a little more focus on his health than another cat may need. Cats with FeLV can live perfectly normal lifespans as long as any form of medical concern or disease is tended to appropriately to prevent a small concern from snowballing into a large one. Due to being FeLV+, Grinch will either have to be the only kitty in his forever home or in a home with cats who will not be interested in picking fights. While he has shown some interest in the other cats in our care, Grinch does not seem overly interested in making any feline friends and does prefer to hang around people and get pets instead.
Grinch would love to find a home where he can spend his days lazing about and getting chin scratches! If you think you may be a good fit for this senior boy then stop by and meet with Grinch today!”

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