Local Pig Gains National Spotlight

Kevin Bacon the pet pig. Bring Kevin Bacon Home/Facebook

GETTYSBURG – A pig named Kevin Bacon has made national headlines and accumulated thousands of fans locally, as he continues to evade capture after escaping from his new home over a week ago.

The 200-pound pig escaped from his pen on October 13, and has been spotted on numerous occasions around town, but has managed to outsmart everyone who has tried to catch him.

Owner Chelsea Rumbaugh has set up a Facebook group called “Bring Kevin Bacon Home” to document the pig’s escape and to coordinate efforts to capture him. The group has over 1,000 members, and has attracted the attention of media outlets from all over the country.

Rumbaugh has tried everything she can think of to catch Kevin Bacon, including using food traps, setting up nets, and even calling in a professional pig catcher. But so far, nothing has worked.

“He’s just having a good time,” Rumbaugh said. “He’s out there exploring and eating all the good food.”

Kevin Bacon has become a local celebrity in Gettysburg, and many people are now rooting for him to stay free.

“He’s a symbol of freedom and hope,” one Facebook user wrote. “We all need a little bit of Kevin Bacon in our lives right now.”

Rumbaugh said she is still determined to bring Kevin Bacon home, but she is also starting to accept the possibility that he may never want to go back.

“If he’s happy out there, then I’m happy for him,” she said. “But I would love to have him back home with us.”

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