CVAS Pet of the Week


Looking for a new friend? The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter is featuring these Pets of the Week. For more information, visit or call 717-263-5791.

Little Sloane came into the shelter as a stray and we think she’s about 7 years old. This little Chihuahua only weighs nine pounds! Sloane can be a little shy at first, but once she is comfortable, she loves to sit on laps or a chair beside someone. If you are petting her and then stop, she will either nudge her head under your hand or use her paw to get you to continue. Sloane would do best in a quiet home. Due to her shy demeanor and no history with children an age restriction for children in the home may apply, so please discuss this with shelter staff. During her intake exam it was noted that Sloane had a small pea-sized lump along her one mammary chain, this was removed when she was spayed and sent out to see what type of mass it was. It came back as a low grade (Grade 1) Intraductal mammary carcinoma. Potential adopters will have to work with their Veterinarian to have regular exams and watch for any masses that may arise. Currently no other masses have been found and there are no signs of metastasis. Despite this Sloane remains playful and happy go lucky! Can you help this sweet girl out? 

Amy came into the shelter as a stray and she’s a bit shy, but really nice. She loves being around people and getting all kinds of love. She’s a 2-year-old terrier mix and loves to go outside to play. She does pretty well on a leash, but doesn’t seem to understand the concept of toys. Because we have no past history with children, an age restriction for children in the home may apply. Please discuss this with shelter staff. Amy would love to find out what a loving forever home is all about!

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