GOLF RULES!: Break 90 this Season


There are many key milestones in a golfer’s life that will be remembered for years. Many golfers can recall a special round of golf with a close family member/friend or celebrity. Others remember a key shot like their first birdie, eagle, or hole in one. And while breaking 100 is something most all beginner, novice, and high handicappers seek to attain, many golfers reserve their bragging rights for the day they break 90. 

Here are 5 quick tips to help you break 90 this season.  

  1. Focus on 89 – You don’t need to shoot 81 the first time you break 90. Keeping your focus on the score of 89 allows for 17 bogies. That means you don’t need to chase birdies or try to accomplish amazing shots. 
  1. Take 2 putts – If you can 2 putt every hole, it allows for 17 extra shots to be taken between the tee and the green during your round of golf, and still break 90. Don’t get me wrong, a one putt would be great, and of course, that would be the goal on each hole, but your plan should be for two putts. 
  1. Don’t try to shoot the course record – Similar to the tips above, rather than try to reach a par 5 in two, or attack a pin that is well guarded, or make a tricky one putt, remember what you are trying to accomplish. If your goal is to shoot the lowest round possible, then you may need to take more risk, but if your goal is to break 90, then you need to keep that thought in mind on every single shot and assess what the risk versus reward actually is. 
  1. Bogey is your friend – Consider Bogey to be a friendly score. This means if you should tee up every hole trying to make a par or better, but accepting your fate of bogey. If you hit a tee shot behind a tree, just pitch out to a very safe place and don’t try to pull off a trick shot to gain 30 yards extra in the hopes of saving par. 
  1. Have Fun – You want to look back on your first round in the 80’s as an enjoyable 4 hours of your life. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and don’t let the whole round feel like a grind. Enjoy yourself while playing, enjoy the company you are with. If you don’t break 90 in your next round there’s nothing to worry about, that golf course will be waiting for you to tame it, the next time you tee it up. 

Golf Rules! is a column written by Jillian Pavlick with the assistance of her amateur golfer husband Jonathan. Join Jillian as she learns the rules of the game and shares some tips and tricks along the way.  

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