A Season of Thanks


We’re in the news business.  Sometimes it seems there are people out there with big megaphones–networks, social media, even government–whose job it is to find a way to characterize everything as an epic battle between good and evil.  Apparently it is good for business to create epic battles, to choose a “morally superior” side and to count on the chosen “believers” to support them.  It gets tiresome.

A suggestion.  Stop listening to the national racket from time to time. Think instead about family, friends, church (even atheists believe in a “best way” to live with their neighbors), work and community.  All close to home.  All imperfect (we work on that).  All mostly tolerant of our flaws.  All hopeful you’ll grant them the same tolerance. 

In this country, we are fortunate to have plenty to eat and a place to stay.  From time to time some of us find we don’t have these things.  When that happens, we’re doubly fortunate that close to home lessons lead local individuals and groups to make food and shelter available. 

We are fortunate to choose how we earn our way in the world.  We have great opportunity to learn skills and acquire knowledge (and hopefully gain wisdom) throughout our lives, to work for any organization we choose, or to create our own businesses as we see fit.   

We are fortunate to be able to believe in what we choose to believe in.  We are grateful for the tolerance of those around us who do not believe the same, and grateful to be free to find common ground with them in the community. 

We are fortunate to choose people from our local communities for our own local governments, and to be able to take our hopes and concerns to these people for fair and equitable treatment.

We’re fortunate to have freedom to do all these things.  But note:  this freedom is no accident. 

Our country is founded on the premise that individual rights come directly from our creator.  That we have the latitude to support the hungry, provide shelter, take on an occupation, to practice our beliefs, and to form our own governments.  We are fortunate that we have an insurance policy, our Constitution, protecting our rights here at home and in local communities all over America.   

On this Thanksgiving, whether you’re spending the day with family or friends, or making your way in a tough world, join us thinking about all the very best things in our lives and how close to home they are.  Give thanks for living in the greatest country in the world, and for the freedom we share that makes each and every Thanksgiving possible for generations past and to come. 

Dan DeDona is president of Local.News LLC and a resident of Washington Township.

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