SGI awarded two U.S. patents in May


HAGERSTOWN, MD– SGI, at the end of May, was awarded two U.S. patents that further expanded protections of its intellectual property in the roofing and agricultural industries.

● U.S. Patent 11,987,524, “Building Materials Comprising Agglomerated Particles,” was issued on May 21 with SGI President Justin P. Dunlap and Senior Director Research and Development Dan Rardon, PhD, named co-inventors.

It is the fourth in a patent family that focuses on pelletized products for roofing. Dunlap is a co-inventor of several U.S. patents and has driven innovation at SGI during his 25 years with the company. Rardon holds 47 U.S. patents and is credited with numerous publications. He has led SGI’s research and development efforts for over a decade.

“These patents not only protect our intellectual property, they are testaments to the priority we place on innovation that helps us evolve as a company and ensures we continue making valuable enhancements to our product lines for customers,” said Dunlap.

● U.S. Patent 11,987,536, “Rock Fines as Carriers of Plant Nutrients,” was also issued on May 21 and is the first patent covering SGI’s pelletized fertilizer compositions of rock fines comprising various macro and micronutrients, including calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron and manganese.

The effort for this patent was led by SGI’s Senior Agricultural Scientist, Raju Khatiwada, PhD. It is his first U.S. Patent issued with the company and his second overall. Rardon is named as the co-inventor.

Headquartered in Hagerstown, Maryland, SGI is a leading mining and mineral processing company specializing in the development of roofing products, building materials, and soil amendments for agriculture.

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