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Chambersburg’s Laurie Dymond poses with her medal from the Boston Marathon. Dymond finished with a time of 3:13:19, to take third in the 55-59 AG. PROVIDED PHOTO

Medal & Movie Madness Half Marathon

Saturday, April 15, in Harrisburg:

Runners: 20

Winner: David Tanney, Montoursville, 1:26:04; Top Female: Angelica Flores, Hanover, 1:51:44

Local.News Finishers

Chambersburg: Dustin Walker (2:08:59)

April Foolish 10 Hour Endurance Trail Run

Saturday, April 15, in Elverson

Runners: 130

Winner: Alex Franko, Jim Thorpe, 52 miles in 9:23:07; Top Female: Clare Greene, Philadelphia, 9:39:19

Local.News Finishers

Greencastle: Jess Hundley (31 miles in 8:56:53)

Zion Ultras 100K

Saturday, April 15, in Apple Valley, Utah

Runners: 175

Winner: Austin Meyer, Santa Rosa, Calif., 10:07:53; Top Female: Jaclyn Noshay, Farragut, Tenn., 10:33:51

Local.News Finishers

Fayetteville: Stephen Xereas (19:49:41)

Coastal Delaware 5K

Saturday, April 15, in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Runners: 859

Winner: Alexander Loper, Abingdon, Md., 16:01; Top Female: Kelly McKee, Seattle, Wash., 20:37

Local.News Finishers

Chambersburg: Christine Metcalfe (26:26), Sara Grove (31:35)

Coastal Delaware 9K

Sunday, April 16, in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Runners: 622

Winner: Matt Sparacino, Harrington, Del., 34:27; Top Female: Stacy Pond, Milan, 39:42

Local.News Finishers

Chambersburg: Christine Metcalfe (52:16)

Coastal Delaware Half Marathon

Sunday, April 16, in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Runners: 1,239

Winner: Bob Yonick, Camp Hill, 1:18:13; Top Female: Erin Fitzgerald, Middletown, Del., 1:24:10

Local.News Finishers

Chambersburg: Morgan Brindle (2:28:38), Sara Grove (2:31:46)

Coastal Deleware Marathon

Sunday, April 16, in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Runners: 633

Winner: Dylan Smiley, Rehoboth Beach, Del., 2:27:19; Top Female: Erica Green, Collingswood, N.J., 2:58:14

Local.News Finishers

Chambersburg: Cheryl Oyler (4:09:22, 1st in 55-59 AG)

Paterno Family Beaver Stadium Run 5K

Sunday, April 16, in State College

Runners: 1,284

Winner: Chase Ebeling, Bellefonte, 16:11; Top Female: Terri Rossman, Altoona, 18:48

Local.News Finishers

Chambersburg: Constance Enders (54:27), John Enders (54:34)

Revolutionary Run 5 Miler

Sunday, April 16, in Valley Forge

Runners: 841

Winner: Paul Matuszak, Huntingdon Valley, 25:07; Top Female: Alicia Belko, Hainesport, N.J., 31:11

Local.News Finishers

Chambersburg: Dallon Espinosa (52:09), Alexis Espinosa (52:11), Jerry Shearer (1:03:45)

Red Shoe Shuffle 5K

Sunday, April 16, in Baltimore, Md.

Runners: 1,879

Winner: John Ford, Phoenix, Md., 17:33; Top Female: L. Ford, 20:15

Local.News Finishers

Chambersburg: Chrissy Lucas (28:50)

Boston Marathon

Monday, April 17, in Boston, Mass.

Runners: 26,600

Winner: Evans Chebet, Kapsabet, Kenya, 2:05:54; Top Female: Hellen Obiri, Kenya, 2:21:38

Local.News Finishers

Chambersburg: Laurie Dymond (3:13:19, 3rd in 55-59 AG), Alexandra Lambert (3:40:41), Todd Henry (3:58:43), Amy Colli (4:14:50), Paul Sick (4:46:31)

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