Kandor Real Estate: New company, same community focus


WAYNESBORO–It’s at the same place and with the same team of people, but Kandor Real Estate is a new company and brand in the Waynesboro community.

Kristyn Martin, sole owner and broker of Kandor Real Estate, is no stranger to the area or the business. Having joined her father, Darwyn Benedict, in the local RE/MAX Realty business in 2010, and obtaining her broker’s license in 2016, Martin has served the community’s real estate needs for more than two decades.

So, why the move from RE/MAX to owning an independent brokerage company?

“When the RE/MAX franchise license was up for renewal in mid-2022, we looked at how we want to continue to provide the best service to our clients, given the current real estate landscape, as well as the role the internet plays in how we do business,” explained Martin. “It made more sense to step out on our own and be able to make all the decisions about how we support the needs of Franklin County residents. And, as my father decided he was ready to step back to just a sales focus, I was ready to own and lead my own business.”

The Kandor Real Estate office remains at the same location as prior RE/MAX office at 410 N. Grant St., with the same team of agents, all of whom live in the local community, and are licensed to conduct business in both PA and MD.

The office space also underwent a complete remodel to align with the new business brand. Martin said she wanted their workspace to be both comfortable for her team and welcoming to their clients.

People often ask about how Martin chose the Kandor name for her business. She put a lot of research and thought into the name. She wanted it to be easy to remember and simple to pronounce, as well as one that would not be in competition with a lot of other companies across the nation. Beyond that, she wanted it to convey who they are as a team and a company.

Martin stumbled upon the word “candor,” which means the quality of being open and honest in communication. This is the cornerstone of her business, so the name was a perfect fit. To make it unique, the “c” was swapped for a “k” to make Kandor, which conveniently matches Kristyn’s first name initial.

“I am always honest with clients, and expect the same of my team,” said Martin. “The truth is not always easy to share but is important in producing quality results while building trust with our clients.

“We have three key words we live by at Kandor: honest, responsive, educated,” Martin continued. “We pride ourselves on being honest with our clients and responding to them as quickly as possible. We are educated and stay updated on current market trends and ensure we can explain sometimes complex processes to our clients in simple terms. We want to make their experience as smooth as possible.”

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