Rotary Club of Waynesboro News


WAYNESBORO- The Rotary Club of Waynesboro submitted the following club news:

John Kennedy, President of Keystone Carvers spoke. Keystone Carvers is a group of “Chainsaw Artisans” who carve with these unique tools. They will hold a Carving and Vendor Show April 12-15. The show will take place adjacent to the Twin Bridge Campground at 1501 Criders Church Road, Chambersburg. There will be over 68 carvers present and the event is the largest on the East Coast. Artisans will auction off the larger carvings – a portion of the proceeds will benefit veteran causes, a search and rescue team plus a police K9 association. It sounds like a fascinating event. You may even meet Big Foot. See their Facebook page. “Keystone State Carving”

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