Ghost Writer Adds an Agency Advocate

Christiana Martin

CHAMBERSBURG – Christiana Martin, of Mechanicsburg, has been promoted to full-time agency advocate for Ghost Writer LLC.

Marint had been working with Ghost Writer as a contracted writer for ongoing projects and grant writing. She is a 2020 graduate of Messiah University

“While I dreamed of writing novels as a kid, I’ve been putting my undergraduate degree to good use over the last two years as a freelance editor and writer, with stints as a tap dance teacher, content editor, library assistant, court reporter trainee, and part-time assistant manager at a non-profit retailer,” Martin said.

“I admire Ghost Writer’s dedication to achieving the greater good as a team and using stories to do it,” she added. “Ghost Writer hires co-creators versus employees.”

According to Martin, her best skills are attention to detail and empathy and her poetic mind brings a unique skill to the team.

“I love helping people bring their stories to life, whether I’m making sure all the commas are in the right place or suggesting character development points,” she said. “It brings me such joy to see how an author transforms their story after a little guidance.”

“We are so pleased to welcome Christiana, who uplifts us with professional writing and editing. Her skills will be used broadly to support the entire Ghost Writer team,” said Kirsten Hubbard, founder and CEO. “As always, one of our metrics of success is the quality of professionals who choose to share their talents with Ghost Writer.”

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