WDCC gets $10k

Attending the check presentation were WDCC Board Members Paul Gunder and Kathy Helfrick, Rotary Club member Dan DeDona, WDCC Board Chair Wendy Royer, WDCC Director Jasmin Cubit, and WDCC Board Member Daryl Warrenfeltz. PROVIDED PHOTO

WAYNESBORO–The Rotary Club of Waynesboro recently presented a check for $10,858 to the Waynesboro Day Care Center.  

The funding comes after from the proceeds of this year’s annual Club trivia event, Battle of the Minds, held in September at Green Grove Gardens.  

The Rotary Club sponsors the event with a new beneficiary each year.  “It’s a tough selection process,” said Derek Furry, club president.  “We solicit applications sponsored by Rotarians from throughout the community.  There are so many worthy applications, it is very hard to find the co-sponsor whose project will have the greatest impact in our area.”  

“This check covers almost the entire cost of our first piece of inclusive playground equipment,” said WDCC Board Chair Wendy Royer. “We are so grateful to the club and all the members of both our organizations who made this such a success.”  

The Battle pits 25-30 tables of eight against each other in a Trivial Pursuit-style game with multiple choice questions.  This year’s winner of the $800 prize for the second year in a row was the Savage Pharmacy team.

“This was the 10th Battle of the Minds,” added Rotarian Dan DeDona.  “We can make this a great event each year because we and our co-sponsors work hard for many months to make sure everyone attending has a great time.”  

DeDona credits the community for making the event a success.

“We had 39 sponsors and a large number of smaller groups who bought 228 seats,” he said. “While we appreciate all contributions, our largest contributors this year included Amberson House B&B, Blue Ridge Partners, Buchanan Dealership, Carl’s Drugs & Savage Pharmacy, Coldwell Banker (Paul Gunder), Covenant Family Dentistry, First Start Partnerships, F & M Trust, GRC, Grove-Bowersox, Manitowoc, Middletown Valley Bank, M & T Bank, the Owls Club, Patriot Federal Credit Union, Potomac Leasing, Rarrick Orthodontics, ReMax (Arlene Unger), Wellspan Health, State Farm (Erin Shank), Waynesboro Construction and WACCO.  We extend our thanks to all of them.”  

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