Answers to common voting questions


CHAMBERSBURG–Franklin County election officials answer the most common questions:

What are my options for voting in Franklin County?

Voters may either:

            1) Request a mail-in ballot through November 1st by calling (717) 261-3886; 

            2) Vote early in-person at the Voter Registration Office, 272 N. Second St., Chambersburg prior to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, November 1st;


            3) Vote in-person at your polling place on Tuesday, November 8th between the hours of 7:00 am and 8:00 pm.

What happens if I choose not to vote for all of the offices on my ballot?

For example, if you vote for U.S. Senator but choose not to vote for Representative in Congress, that is considered undervoting. Undervoting is permitted under PA Election law.  No ballot or vote will be cancelled as a result of an undervote and the precinct counters are not programmed to detect and notify voters of an undervote. 

Why is there no longer a Straight Party option on my ballot?

As a result of Act 77 of 2019, there is no longer a Straight Party option on the ballot.  You can no longer mark just one oval to cast a vote for all candidates from a single party during a general election. You must now mark your ballot for each race you are voting in.

Why do I no longer receive a stub with my ballot number on it?

Act 94 of 2019 eliminated the requirement for numbered stubs.  Franklin County made the decision to keep one numbered stub so the pollworkers could track their ballot inventory.  The second stub that was normally torn off and provided to the voter was eliminated.  This was done at the request of the pollworkers since many ballots ended up being torn when the stub was removed.  The precinct scanner would then reject the ballot as being unreadable which required the ballot be spoiled and a new ballot issued.

How do I know that my ballot has been counted on Election Day?

When voting in-person at your polling place on Election Day, you should receive the following message on the screen upon placing your ballot into the precinct scanner – “Thank you for voting.  Your ballot has been counted”.  If there is a problem with properly scanning and/or counting your ballot due to voting for too many candidates or not darkening the oval correctly,etc., there will be a message on the screen indicating the problem. The voter will then have the option to “Cast” the ballot as is or “Return” the ballot so that it can be remedied.

Will I be asked to show identification at the poll?

Only those voting in an election district for the first time will be asked to present an approved form of  identification before receiving a ballot.  Approved photo identification options include a PA Driver’s License or any ID issued by the U.S. Government or Commonwealth of PA.  Non-photo identification options include a Voter Registration Card, firearm permit or a current bank statement, utility bill or paycheck. If you are unable or unwilling to provide one of the above approved forms of ID, then you may vote by a provisional ballot. 

No other voter will be asked to produce an ID since the Commonwealth Court ruled that the photo identification provision for voting purposes for all voters to be unconstitutional. 

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