Schitt$ Creek Trivia Answers


WAYNESBORO- The Lake House Distilling Co will hold a Schitt’s Creek Trivia night on Thursday, Sept. 22. The doors open at 5 p.m. and trivia begins at 7 p.m. Food from the La Parada food truck will be available.

Here are the answers from yesterday’s Local.News trivia:

What’s the name of the soap opera that Moira Rose is best known for? 
Answer: Sun Rise Bay

Moira Rose briefly becomes a salesperson for what winery?
Answer: Herb Ertinger Winer

Who is the mayor of Schitt’s Creek?
Answer: Roland Schitt

What’s the name of David’s store?
Answer: Rose Apothecary

Twyla is best known for working at what local establishment?
Answer: Cafe Tropical

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