Gary McCauley Joins Joy El


GREENCASTLE- Gary McCauley has over three decades’ of experience in Christian publishing and development and has fostered many connections and friendships through the years. Now, McCauley has brought his experience and skills to Joy El Generation/Camps & Retreats in Greencastle, as the development coordinator.

“Gary brings wisdom, extensive skills and a warm personality that will strengthen Joy El’s ministry with
children and teens,” said Aaron E. Ziebarth, Joy El’s CEO.

“I want whoever gives to have joy in giving,” McCauley explained. “I want people to understand that
what they are doing with their money is having a great impact, whether with children beginning
relationships with Jesus or the ongoing discipleship that is happening. I have a golden opportunity to
help people understand that there is more money in the world today than there ever has been, and
there is more money in the world today that is not at work. I also want to help if anything is hindering
them from giving as God would have them give.”

McCauley is excited to partner with Joy El. “Something unique I see at Joy El which is very impressive to me—and I have visited literally hundreds of ministries—is how the people are hard at work doing what God has called them to do,” McCauley said. “They are serving with passion and joy.”

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